Understand Your Right to Overtime Pay

You have options.

If you were not paid proper overtime wages, or if you believe your employer misclassified you as exempt from overtime, learn about your options to recover your hard earned wages.

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$7.5 Million Settlement

for Call Center Employees

$6.25 Million Settlement

for Advice Nurses

$3 Million Settlement

for Restaurant Employees

$1.6 Million Settlement

for Salaried Recruiters

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  • Suggested a fair and viable way forward, and was able to drive the situation to an agreeable out of court settlement.
  • Great experience… Was able to reach a settlement that I was pleased with and got my ex-employer to pay without going to trial.
  • I never really thought I would find a lawyer who would fight for me and my rights as an employee, especially without charging me an arm and a leg.  Highly recommended.
  • Extremely knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate. I walked into my hearing with confidence with a legal team that meant business.
  • I appreciate an attorney who will explain everything to you, who speaks the truth, and does exactly what they say they will do – and this firm does just that.

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